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Suck-o-Tash* my Squash**


* Succotash (except in my case, suck-o-tash) is not a term coined by me nor anyone affiliated to me. It is in fact, from the book “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” by Jonathan Safran Foer. Also coming to a movie near you of the same title, starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. In select theaters Christmas Day. *

** I have decided to go with my initial instinct of categorizing every post with the appropriate four letter word category in order to have better titles. Eventually, I would like to post each blog under each category, not just the default home button. Coming up with just four letter word titles for every posts just seemed kinda stupid after doing it for the fifteenth time. Plus, we all know longer is better and preferable. **

One thing you must know about me is that I truly enjoy cooking and eating. I’m not one of those cooks that only likes to serve the food. Hell no. I make it, to eat it. I supposed that has a lot do with my love for food. And by food, I mean all kinds of food. I am what you call an “equal opportunity” eater. If food was a man, I’d be a total slut. A “maneater” as Nelly Furtado calls it. I am so great at cooking that I can literally fuck it up and it would still turn out ama!zing! (Yes, I spelled it exactly like that!) No, I’m not talking about that time I seasoned the steak with 1/4 cup of seasoned salt. That’s grilling. And we all know, grilling requires no talent, just the ability to pay attention. If you’re ADD, you should probably look for a different hobby. Also, the fact that I can’t get my bread maker to “make” my bread for me has nothing to do with how I put the ingredients in. That’s the case of the machine, not the operator. But that’s baking. And though require some skills, it’s no cooking. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just one of the things God has blessed me with. Others are great with money, some can drive and text simultaneously, I can cook! And thanks to Pinterest, I can try out different recipes for different occasions. Click here for the actual link to this recipe.

After looking at the stupid spaghetti squash my mom bought after Thanksgiving (yeah, it’s been sitting there that long), I’ve decided to look for some easy recipes on Pinterest and yes, I found a winner (actually, I found another one but I didn’t have all the ingredients and too lazy to drive anywhere, so this one was it). I’ll take you through the process, as it was quite a simple one.

Poke holes on squash and bake for 60 minutes (see I told you, very little skills required for baking)

Cut in half, take out seeds and scrape with fork (the inside that is), put aside

Get a sauté fryer (or a frying pan, whatever you have) and add lots of butter (or olive oil, if you prefer) and fresh garlic, sauté for about 5 minutes

Add fresh basil (to your liking, I love it so I spare no expense), except last night I didn’t have fresh ones, so dried ones had to do

Add squash, sauté for another 5 minutes, add salt (I used sea salt because I’m fancy) and grated Parmesan cheese (which I also did not have, more about that next)

That’s it. Done and serve!

Once I transferred the dish to a plate, I sprinkled with Parmesan cheese (no, not the one I have to grate my self – you know I’m lazy)

So here’s my review:

It was actually pretty good, considering I have never made spaghetti squash before. I’ve had butternut squash, but not this one. However, to eat this as a main dish (as I was trying to do to help with my dieting) was not fun, to say the least. I imagined it was a T-Bone steak, much like the one I had a couple of days ago, which by the way was out of this world amazing!! I do think it would make a fabulous side dish, so I am keeping this recipe for next time as such. And I am fairly certain that fresh basil and grated fancy Parmesan cheese would have made it even more scrumptious.

Here’s a couple of pics to show you proof, for all you skeptics out there. I wish I was able to take better pictures but I do have an older camera that doesn’t have any fancy schmanzy stuff to make them look purrty. But don’t let the pictures fool you. It was quite tasty. Even the hubs gave it a try and he’s never had squash before and said he liked it. So two tongue licks and a yum from both of us. Also, if you would like to send me a new Nikon D5100 camera for Christmas, that would truly help me and this blog a lot. Thank you. I would settle for a Canon. 




Date Nite


We have officially made Friday nights as our date nights, or so we thought. After spending too much cash this past Friday, we’ve decided it will probably be more like every other Friday, or maybe the first Friday of the month. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice. And the fact that we were kids free for an evening was even better. But part of me felt a bit guilty. There’s this chaos going on right now in the U.S. of A. Unemployment is something 9 percent and there’s all sorts of people occupying major cities, living in their tents (although that could very well be the waiting line for the Twilight movie. I’m not really sure.) According to the media, it’s rough out there. And guess what? I saw first hand the tragedy of these poor poor people on my date Friday evening. First, we hit the movie theater. I’m a penny pincher so I thought we’d go to the cheap theater, the one that plays movies about to come out on redbox like next week. I guess I wasn’t the only one trying to save money. It was evident by the long ass line we had to wait on. So it got me thinking, that perhaps the media was right. I also went to the Dollar store and stocked up on Coke and Raisinets so the only thing we had to buy other than the tickets was popcorn. $10! That’s all it cost. 2 tickets and a large popcorn. Take that Edwards Cinema!!!

I bet you’re wondering what movie we saw. “The Help.” It was great by the way. I will write a review another time though. So the movie ended and it left us feeling hungry. Apparently we’re not the only ones craving Indian food. It was rather packed in there with people who have no jobs and about to lose their homes. But that did not stop us from enjoying our meal! $30 later and we’re off to our next adventure. A new Hobby Lobby just opened in our area about a week ago and we just had to check it out! What I didn’t tell you is that we actually checked it out before the movie but couldn’t find a parking spot so we’ve decided to come and try the second time. It was still packed, but luckily enough we found one parking space. The people with no income were too busy looking at things they cannot afford and buying them for a house they are about to lose, mind you. I just felt so sorry for them. I mean, I would do the same thing if I didn’t have an income and my car is about to get repossessed and my house foreclosed. It’s called therapy right? I shop when I’m broke kind of attitude. And I do. So we browsed and bought nothing because you see, I’m not really a shopper. I’m a looker. I can look for hours and not buy shit. It’s just the way I’m made. Next stop. The Casino! That’s right. What’s the best and easiest way to make money? Playing the slots. Duh, winning!

This is where it starts to bug the shit out of me. This is also the part where my sarcasm ends. I can’t understand how the media hype up all the bad things that’s going on in this world, and yet there are people all over the place buying shit and spending money. I thought we’re in a fucking recession! It sure doesn’t seem like it, or maybe people just like to keep up with the Jones’. I don’t know. But from the looks of things, there’s no fucking recession going on here. At least not in my area. The casino was filled with people throwing away money, slots after slots. It was crazy in there. Easily, I spent $40 with the hope of winning 10 grand. The hubs played poker for fun! But you see. I’m not complaining. I’m not marching my ass in downtown San Diego blaming the corporations for my lack of money. Nor am I complaining that I live in a 4000 square feet house that I got for half off because the owners before us tried to be greedy by thinking they can buy a $600K house and it will just keep on going up. What were they thinking? Listen, in my previous life, I was a Realtor. I bought my first house when I was 25! All by myself, without having my parents and my other 10 siblings to live with me so I can afford my fucking mortgage. I did my due diligence and educated my self with the process of buying a house (this was before I went into real estate). So when it came time to go over my loan, I knew how much house I can afford. I didn’t look at my future earnings or the hopes that in a year I can sell my house for twice as much. I based it on my current situation. And I made sure it was in the lower end of my loan, just in case something awful happened and I lost my job. I’m not saying that banks and realtors and loan officers were not at fault. Part of their job is helping you and advising you on things that they are qualified to do. I know a lot of them took people for granted, but that’s why you have to watch out for yourself because in the end, it’s about you. So yes, I feel bad that people are losing their homes and jobs. But I think people also need to take responsibilities. We’re always pointing our fingers at others because we’re afraid to look at ourselves in the mirror. Be the solution. Be the change you want to see in the world. Man up. Or woman up. Admit you made a mistake. Admit that you took part in trying to scheme the system. Or at least say, “I should have educated myself. I should not have let anyone tell me otherwise.” You knew that with your $40K per year salary you couldn’t afford a $500K house. That’s not rocket science.

Until then,

Occupy Cate

Fast Food Nazi


You know what I hate? People that are in your shit and they have no reason to be. You know what I hate more than that? People that purposely steps in shit and then they complain that it stinks. I was at the doctor’s office the other day minding my own business. In the waiting room, there was me, two women sitting next to each other and appeared to have become BFF’s while waiting (we’ll call them Perp 1 & 2), and another woman across the room with her toddler (we’ll call her the victim). There were also a couple of men in there but I think they were waiting for their spouses. Their completely insignificant to this post so I won’t even bother with them. So, the victim as I mentioned was with her toddler, who was in a stroller. Also with her is a McDonald’s bag and in it was some nuggets she was feeding to her child. This was around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, so I’m guessing on her way to the doctor’s office, she did a drive by at McDo and ordered her hungry child some, grasp for air, nuggets.

She got up and pushed the stroller when the front desk called her name. Not even a few seconds later, Perp 1 & 2 looked at each other and shook their head. They said something to the effect of, “How dare her buy her son some nuggets. She is an awful mother and should be burned in hell for such an atrocious crime.” Ok, maybe not exactly like that but you get what I mean. Perp 1 says to Perp 2, “Can you believe that? What kind of mother would feed her son McDonald’s?” Perp 2 says, “The kind that doesn’t care about her child’s well-being.”

Then, they had the audacity to lure me in their conversation assuming I am in agreement with their verdict by asking, “Don’t you think so?” I looked at these two women and said (with my neck rolling and index finger circling the air), “You should be ashamed of yourselves. How dare you judge her and her parenting skills? You know nothing of her situation, but let me tell you about mine. I have a son that at 3 years of age has no language. He has melt downs because he can’t express himself. I have to play a guessing game for everything he might be asking me, and sometimes, just sometimes, when my husband is not able to be at home to watch him, I drive to McDonald’s and buy him some nuggets so that I can keep him quiet while my vagina is being invaded by a stethoscope. And you know what else, my son’s diet consists of healthy and nutritious meals for the most part. I’d hate to be judged for doing something once every six months. It’s hard enough raising a typically developing child, imagine raising one with special needs. So I hope the next time you judge another mom and think you’re some kind of a stuck up Fast Food Nazi, you think about what her situation might be because you obviously have no clue. The sad part is, had she brought her son in here with his melt down and cried the entire time, you’ll be judging her for that too and saying something like, ‘Oh no! She can’t discipline her child. She should be hanged to death.’ So why don’t you learn to shut your face because no one’s calling you ugly bitches.” in my head. What I really said was, “Yup, just awful” while shaking my head. And yes, I am ashamed and should be shot.