Poop. Poop. And More Poop.


Let me start by saying that I love my son to pieces! Let’s call him Tee. I love him with all my heart and would take him however I can have him. I know that every child goes through a phase. Not long ago he was taking off his pants and diaper and thinks it’s okay to run around butt naked, in private or not. And now, we are in the anus phase. He just likes to get in there. Perhaps it’s a sensory thing. But either way, I really hope in time he will get over it. But everyday, twice, three times and sometimes four times a day, he picks his butt when there is shit in there! And it’s not like, he can say to me, “hey mom, I’ve got shit brewing so you might have to change me here in like, let’s say, thirty minutes?”

***If you’ve read my other post, you’d know that my child has no language at the moment, well, none that I speak anyway. I don’t wanna sound like I’m complaining and I hope I don’t offend anyone out there, especially parents that go through what my husband and I go through on a daily basis. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s hard enough raising a typically developing child, and it’s even harder with a special needs child. ***Disclaimer***

Like I was saying, he is in there like a thong swimwear. So he picks his shitty anus, and he doesn’t yet understand that when you have shit on your hands, you oughta wash them in soap and hot water. So he ends up painting his room in brown because he picks his butt, then forgets he has shit on his hand, and touches everything else in the room. Needless to say, I have to sanitize my house at least three times, but if I’m lucky, just twice a day. I’ve tried googling things like, “why is toddler picking his poopy butt,” and most say, “give him a cold shower right after to teach him a lesson.” The funny or sad part is that my son happened to love cold water. So I can’t punish him that way because he would think it’s a reward. I’ve asked his teachers, his occupational therapist, neighbors, random people in line in front of me at the grocery store, because I’m thinking I can’t be the only one going through this crap. His OT said to get him one of those shorts for sensory seeking kids, but they’re like $80 for 1! I’m gonna need 7! Others say maybe it’s time to potty train him. Maybe he is trying to tell you to change his poopy diaper (duh, I’ve been trying since he was 15 months old). Or just let it be. He’ll get over it (easy for you to say because you’re not the one cleaning up the mess). I also read somewhere that I can buy one of those sleepwear where the zipper’s in the back, then he can’t get it off, thus eliminating his ability to dig in his poop. They too, were pricey. And then one day, after my fourth poopy cleaning for the day, I’ve had it! I just couldn’t take it anymore and went right into Amazon.com and ordered him 7 of the full body sleepwear for everyday of the week. I was so excited because you see I’m a Prime Member and I get the shit delivered to me in 2 days. So they get here and viola! Totally useless. I bought the flannel ones! In the middle of summer. I have yet to use them. So until it gets cold enough here in Southern California, I am stuck wiping shit on the carpet, the wall, the bed, the closet, the toys, just shit everywhere. And then I go in my bathroom, and cry for five minutes, just to realize that I left my son alone in his room to play with his poop yet again. Effing shoot me is the thought that comes to mind, except I use the actual effing word!

How about you? Have you had similar experience? If so, do you have any suggestions for me besides alcohol and medications? Holla atchagurl, hopefully before I volunteer myself to the loony bin. Piss and shit homey! Happy Monday.


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  1. You are not alone in this “poopy” world friend. Many parents are just either too proud or they don’t have the time invested to have encounter such experiences. Curiosity at its best is usually when there is peace and silence LoL. I have a vast amount of those experiences and I am almost positive the majority of parents who have time invested in their children would agree. Butt picking, playing in the potty, dumping diapers in random places, and oh yes the genitalia exposures. Almost as endless as space itself. I feel for you and Tee, and hope that this is just a phase 😉 As for a suggestion, it seems that your little Picasso might be interested in some sidewalk paint or maybe there might be something he is eating that might irritate his rectum to create him to fish out the culprit. My kids have had similar fascinations and boy is it a pain in the butt, literally LoL.

  2. Thank you Valicious! I feel better now knowing I am not alone in the poopy department. I haven’t considered the types of food he is eating. Perhaps a journal would help? I just cannot wait to be done with this phase. I guess part of me did not see this coming. Do you mind telling me what comes after this phase?

  3. Sex, unfortunately….but other phases seem to conflict the in between like putting food everywhere but in the mouth, parrot phase-profanity, violent phase, projectile object phase, make parents turn against each other phase and plenty more 😉 The good news is that adventures await you as do we for your blogs!! More, more and more!! Love em and keep em coming Cate!

  4. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed! What wonderful storytelling! Now, I have not a SHRED of insight that would help you except to say: keep writing! We’re not laughing AT you; we’re laughing WITH you! Keep the faith! Peace, love, an elbow grease. 🙂

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